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I am a counselling psychotherapist based in Norfolk, and I work with adults, young people and children from the age of 10.  I have an enhanced DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service), renewed in accordance with safeguarding legislation. 

People seek me out for all sorts of reasons, the most common, but often very confusing, is a feeling of unease about something within themselves. It can get difficult when you don’t really know why you feel that way, or even what it really means for you, you just know that something doesn’t feel right. That’s where I can help, counselling is about feeling safe and secure enough to express your feelings in a variety of different ways, such as art, play, or talking.  Talking with someone who can help you unpick your issue, at your own pace, helping you to understand yourself, in partnership with a counsellor who can give you the conditions to allow you to help yourself.

Prior to becoming a Counselling Psychotherapist I spent 7 years working with young people and families in a variety of different support and advocate roles.